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Facebook tasked Glitch with leading the creative portion of their brand new 'Commerce School' accelerator program. The program included 21 of the most promising e-commerce startups across a variety of industries such as Jewelry , Cosmetics, Food and Fashion.


We collaborated with each company to educate and help define their visual identity as an online retailer with relation to creating performance-ready ads that are hard-wired to sell more products.


The program participants were:


Yama Jewelry - SEESTARZ - Apricoat - Art AI - Elina Glezier Jewerly - Collectoe - Panda Chocolate -Linenz - Rogel Diamonds - Shlomit Ofir Jewelry - Princess K Jewelry - Loop Living - Snaps - Moroccan Oil - Gallabia - The Nopo - Milk & Honey - Boho Magic - Aravrit - Karini Jewelry - Tanaor