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glitch agency is acquired by publicis groupe

Glitch Agency is delighted to announce that it has been acquired by Publicis Groupe.

The acquisition is seen by both parties as an ideal fit for expansion opportunities -  for Glitch in order to expand the team and operations - and for Publicis to get a hold in the lucrative export market for Israeli businesses who primarily advertise in the North American and European market, which is worth an estimated $8 billion annually.

Publicis CEO Yossi Lubaton said, "The purchase of Glitch is designed to give the group abilities in the field of performance creative and allow it to expand the Group's list of clients with companies operating from Israel while reaching clients outside of it. In addition, the Glitch's knowhow will allow us to improve the quality of our product for the Group's existing clients."

Glitch cofounder and CEO Jeremy Bitton said, "For every dollar invested by Israeli tech companies in advertising, more than half a dollar is invested in Google or Facebook. This is the field in which we operate and there is where we seek to grow and lead. The link up with the Publicis Group will give us the economic support that we require in order to continue our rapid rate of growth and meet the growing demand for our services."

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